HV Battery System Engineer

Wellesbourne, United Kingdom

Project 3 Mobility is looking for a HV Battery System Engineer who would work with Vehicle Engineering team, supplier, and internal and external stakeholders to define system behaviour. This person needs to have 5+ years of relevant experience, ideally with experience as a System Engineer. 

HV Battery System Engineer needs to deeply understand how the HV Battery System functions and what are the responsibilities of the system to ensure safe operation of the vehicle in all use cases. Person will have to verify and define system behaviour and ensure cross functional activities to enable delivery of the product. 

Project 3 Mobility is a growing start-up which aims to change mobility as we know it, so if you are motivated to make a shift in your career now is the time! We are at the beginning of a long and promising journey, so come and join us to make your mark. 



  • Development of the Battery pack product on the system level for project using V-model approach 

  • Analysing and organising stakeholder and vehicle requirements 

  • Deriving system requirements from stakeholder requirements 

  • Evaluating system requirements and architecture with external supplier and internal vehicle development team 

  • Creation and visualisation of overall system architecture from EE perspective 

  • Developing system integration, verification, and validation test strategy in the cooperation with Vehicle Engineering Team, and Project Development Leads 

  • Ensuring consistency and bidirectional traceability between stakeholder requirements, system requirements, system architectural design, and relevant tests 

  • Close cooperation with customers in terms of supplier on system design, integration, and testing on vehicle level 

  • Respecting processes for System and Software Engineering, Functional Safety, Cybersecurity and ASPICE where applicable 



  1. Defining HV Battery functions and features. 
  2. Write and manage system and component level requirements related to High Voltage System. 
  3. Develop and document high level HV management strategies. 
  4. Manage vehicle communication network database files related to High Voltage System. 
  5. Develop PDU & HV architecture for the product. 
  6. Create and maintain DVPs, test reports, FMEA, FTA, DFM resulting in countermeasures required to ensure delivery. 
  7. Collaborating with other teams to integrate HV Battery system and its components into product. 
  8. Review, evaluate and advise on engineering changes and specification requirements with suppliers, team members and 3rd party engineering team. 
  9. Analysing critical battery performance during the entire product lifecycle including power and energy performance, battery life, safety performance occasionally. 
  10. other tasks as assigned by a line manager. 


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills | Excellent interpersonal skills  

  • Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail  

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills  

  • The capacity to grasp concepts easily  

  • Excellent knowledge of English language  

  • MS Office  

  • Experience with HV systems  

  • Experience in Requirement Management tools 

  • Able to work in start-up environment  



Decision-making authorities 

  • Decide on functional safety concept for the HV Battery system. 

  • Decide on the issues impacting the development of High Voltage Battery system. 

  • Escalate topics to superior and decide on internal escalation topics. 

Managerial authorities 

  • Request additional resources. 

  • Assemble and invite to project meetings. 

  • Shifting priorities and tasks. 

  • Source external suppliers. 

  • Assigning of tasks to team members. 

  • Committing to time approximation of tasks. 



HV Battery System Engineer

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HV Battery System Engineer

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