Senior Exterior Designer

Sveta Nedelja, Croatia


  • design ideation for current and advanced vehicle projects (including creation of 2d proposals and 3d proportions models, analogue hand sketching, photoshop)
  • design development and refinement of the shortlisted design proposals (considering package)
  • exchanging inputs and information with 3d sculptors and engineers (visual/verbal communication)
  • review & follow the development of 2d and 3d proposals (create input and give clear feedback to project team with presentations, annotations, sketches, sections…)
  • implementation of all package and feasibility inputs on design theme or propose alternatives (including regulations, cost factors, suppliers, technical requirements)
  • communication, reviews, and alignment with VE, homologation, CMF or suppliers on open/common issues or new technical features (always include studio engineer)
  • benchmarking & research of vehicle components (e.g., lamps, rims, grille meshes) details must be well integrated in the overall design and technical requirements must be respected.
  • detail design components (e.g., lamps, rims, grille meshes)
  • documentation of the complete design process, change actions, issues summaries and meeting minutes
  • support and advise the team in solving open issues
  • create required documentation for team (add and clarify to the project briefing)
  • setting up & organizing weekly meetings and share the process
  • presentation of designs and clear definition of usps in regular format at milestones
  • obtaining final design confirmation from the supervisor to complete the project
  • model making and/or supervision of scale and full sizes models
  • collaboration with other departments and divisions (marketing, CMF, graphic design)
  • supporting the design director with the management tasks
  • attend interviews with potential employee candidates (give feedback on the candidates’ delivered tasks)
  • onboarding new colleagues and mentoring interns
  • and other tasks as assigned by a line manager


Decision-making authorities

  • choosing design tools to use for the ideation process as long as the required quality standard is fulfilled or not specified differently
  • constant evaluation of one's design proposals and further refinement
  • prioritization and personal time management for different tasks/projects
  • request rework of 3d models if all criteria is not fulfilled
  • skip steps of design process if project doesn't require it
  • request studio engineer/engineers support in order to resolve technical issues
  • proposing alternative design ideas, storyline, mood boards and design solution after the main request is satisfied
  • request rework of presentation content from designers
  • agree with VE on cut-off dates (input stop) and delivery dates of solutions (new releases of parts)
  • escalate topics to supervisor

Managerial authorities        

  • Request additional resources for project
  • Escalate budget related topics
  • Requesting for vacation or sick leaves
  • Requesting for equipment/software in need
  • Requesting for a review/personal session to supervisors
  • Setting up meetings and sending invitations to whom that are relevant to the topic



  • Ensuring that presented ideas are fresh, according to design DNA and not already seen on the market
  • Be aligned with the project team and keep them informed about your activities
  • Be aligned with design director
  • Make ideation into feasible results
  • Consider and resolve package inputs/facts
  • Consider aerodynamics and thermal management
  • Rework/improve your designs as often as needed but efficiently
  • Make sure high level product requirements are fulfilled
  • Make sure new high-level features are confirmed and introduced into project (mainstream)
  • Coordination, clear and regular communication, and input exchange with 3D sculptors
  • Correctly follow inputs from reviews and project management decisions
  • Present your ideas in the best possible visual and logical way
  • Thoroughly compare new status with old status and discuss with designers
  • Have all information structured, ready and loaded for presentations and reviews
  • Double checking parts before they get released (correct design and feasible engineering)
  • Check parts in reality and be aware of context and size
  • If information is not available, don’t wait and dig in yourself
  • Onboarding new colleagues
  • Development of more junior colleagues
  • Raise IT tickets immediately, when IT problems occurs


  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • strong hand sketching/photoshop skills for ideation process
  • excellent knowledge of industrial design process and solid understanding of all criteria involved (engineering, manufacturing, market, customer, homologation, trends)
  • eye for details
  • very good understanding of 3D shapes & correct proportions & design features
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • teamwork
  • expert in these software (photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, teams, Alias surface, KeyShot)
  • Team lead skills, discipline and self-sufficiency, good communication and presentation skills

SENIORITY LEVEL: Senior (7+ years)


  • The opportunity to develop world-class solutions with cutting-edge technology
  • Family-like, transparent, and very open business culture
  • Courageous, curious, and entrepreneurial team members to work with
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Free coffee and healthy snacks in the office
  • Team lunch once a week
  • Flexible working hours and work from home

Senior Exterior Designer

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Senior Exterior Designer

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